our benefits

Mobile power solutions add tremendous flexibility

rapid deployment
Rapid Deployment

Turbines can be set up in as little as two hours

fuel flexibility
Fuel Flexibility

Turbines efficiently run off of field gas, CNG, LNG and other fuels

environmentally friendly
Environmentally Friendly

Reduce gas flaring, diesel consumption, and air emissions

scalable solutions
Scalable Solutions

Our turnkey packages can generate up to 100+ MW

What is a Microgrid?

Our gas turbines sync with your existing pole line infrastructure and provide power for your connected loads

Why use a turbine microgrid?​

  • Utility power is unavailable or unreliable
  • Fixed kWh pricing with no peak or demand charges
  • Centralized power (one vendor vs. multiple individual vendors)
  • Reduce diesel consumption & air emissions
  • Reduced gas flaring
  • 99+% mechanical uptime
  • Monetize produced natural gas