Arroyo Invests in Leading “Behind the Meter” Power Solutions Companies

Infrastructure investor continues to invest in energy transition solutions

HOUSTON (March 2021) – Arroyo Energy Investors, a Houston-based, independent infrastructure investment firm with a footprint in North and South America, announced their investment in two leading “behind the meter” power solutions companies, Life Cycle Power (“LCP”) and Alliance OGP (“Alliance”). Together, these companies provide a turnkey power and natural gas solution, enabling customers to convert natural gas into a clean, reliable source of electricity independent of the grid. Solutions scale from 1 to 100+ megawatts in an economically and environmentally effective manner.

LCP is a turnkey power solutions company based in Midland, Texas that utilizes mobile gas turbine generators to supply clean, reliable, and cost-effective power to customers in oil and gas, mining and other industrial sectors. LCP’s environmentally friendly solution enables operators to eliminate diesel consumption for power generation and reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing wellhead natural gas that may otherwise be flared. LCP operates more than 150 MW of mobile gas turbine generators in the U.S.

Alliance is a leading natural gas treatment and compression company based in Houston, Texas that is focused on helping the oil and gas industry move away from diesel consumption and use natural gas to electrify oil and gas operations. Alliance provides natural gas solutions to some of the largest operators in the oil and gas completions industry.

“We are excited to partner with both companies, which focus on bringing cost-effective and environmentally friendly power solutions to the oil and gas industry,” said Sam Warfield, Principal and Head of U.S. Investments at Arroyo. “The impact of the recent polar vortex event in Texas further highlights the need for more reliable, cost-effective and clean “behind the meter” power generation solutions.”

These investments demonstrate Arroyo’s history of supporting the electrification of the oil and gas industry and its transition toward cleaner emissions.

“The LCP and Alliance offerings provide creative solutions that help customers unlock economic growth potential and create a net positive for our environment,” elaborated Chuck Jordan, an Arroyo Founding Partner. “Life Cycle Power and Alliance are installing solutions that immediately contribute to reduce emissions in the field and cost effectively use existing resources.”